About the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR) Method

Did you have any courses on trauma in your graduate studies? Were you surprised when you realized that in your practice are many individuals with one or more significant traumas? Most therapists practicing today had no preparation for what they are now facing. We can help.

Frequently, conventional talk therapy is not effective for trauma. This is because a good portion of the traumatic experience was not verbally coded at the time of the event. So, the memories are patchy and disconnected, or they are nonverbal memories experienced as if they are present-day body sensations. With the Instinctual Trauma Response method, these traumatic memories are processed so that they are truly in the past and symptoms are greatly reduced or completely eradicated.

We recommend to process the traumas first and see what’s left. Many symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety attacks, depression, and other nonverbal symptoms will be greatly reduced or disappear entirely when the trauma memory is “re-coded" by the re-presentation of the story with a beginning, middle and end, and stored in the verbal/logical brain as an event now in the past  This is accomplished through the directed use of an art therapy based technique (the graphic narrative) and specific work with internal parts. Once the client finishes the stories he or she will be able to reintegrate into normal life and reconnect with friends and loved ones.

You may feel that addressing a client’s trauma history is too difficult to do in weekly one-hour sessions. We have outlined how you can do this without having the client re-live the event. As you learn the ITR method you will see how the specific techniques can be done in the traditional office setting. Therapists can quickly learn this simple, effective and powerful method.

We are committed to bringing the awareness of the effects of trauma to the wider world and effective methods to treat it.

Our Certification Process

Level 1= Accelerated Traumatology Course (ATC) 101 online course with experiential exercises. Complete Quiz, Evaluation and print out Certificate.

Level 2 = Complete Level 1 + complete ATC 102 Live. You must pass parameters established to prove you can administer the ITR method to a client proficiently from Intake to followup.

Level 3 = CERTIFICATION in the ITR method: ITR Certified Trauma Therapist (ITR-CTT)

Completion of Level 2 + Do your own work + 6 months of consultation calls (12 calls) with completion of 3 separate treatment cases + 3 CEs every 2 years from ITR Training Institute.

Level 4= CERTIFIED ITR INSTRUCTOR (CITRI) Complete Level 3 + Additional 6 months of consultation calls (24 total) with 12 treatment cases + assist at live trainings + exhibit training/teaching skills and pass a initial Knowledge Test for Instructors plus one every five years. Recertification is required every year with participation in the Instructors Circle hosted by ITR Training Institute. Instructors are only permitted to train through the ITR Training institute.

The Founders

Lou and Linda

Dr. Louis Tinnin (a psychiatrist) and his wife Dr. Linda Gantt (an art therapist) created the Instinctual Trauma Response Method to help people who have survived all types of traumas. After 30 years of research and development in a variety of academic and clinical settings, the ITR Method is now being taught to therapists who want to help their clients that suffer with the debilitating symptoms of trauma.